Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Steel Dark Blue Symbian Theme For Nokia N Series[N79 N78 N96 N80 N81 N82 N97 N73]

Steel Dark Blue by Nca Made by Dj Mend Off
(Fp1&Fp2) + Walls+ Logos & Other Stuff

Theme Makers Comments:

Good time of day you friends, c onset of spring, you do not make a great gift as a port threads SteelDarkBlue SteelDarkBlue от from NCA Without you want to express my deep gratitude for their help in creating a theme 2exa, plohaya1, tataev-petr, 3oloto special thank you for Preview
Without you, my friends vryat Would the result ... Thank you very much , my friends vryat Would the result ...

Symbian Themes for Symbian 9.2-9.3!!! 9.2-9.3!
I decided to make 2 versions of the theme with a solid navigat
sonnoy panel and figured in the original, for the version with a solid makes big oboin provided by my friend tataev-petr, from him as logos attached to the 2 versions of the theme, with a solid and figured navigation panelyu.Vladeltsy new devayov to 9.3 where обоина put to full screen without third-party programs that can put wallpaper 240x320 full screen, the effect is the same as at 9.4.
While I share versions 9.2-9.3 with shaped panel as in the original icons and versions 9.2-9.3 with solid navigation bar to the default.
All other versions can not lay out as a fill limit here is exhausted
They are likely to be available for release to the Far East, as well as versions for gorizontalok E-Series.
Also attached to the subject of bonuses in the form of mods to the program from DimaTROFIK:
X-Plore X-Plore
ProfiMail ProfiMail
Resco Photo Viewer Resco Photo Viewer
Handy Shell and Taskman Liten Handy Shell and Taskman Liten
Zip Manager Zip Manager
FSCaller FSCaller

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