Friday, June 19, 2009

Changes and Request


Its almost been close to 2 yrs since i started this blog and its been a very good posting themes for you.
This site too has grown and its close to 330 themes are posted here by me for you.
Lately i couldn't concentrate much on the site coz i have some problems.
But i promise that i will try to regularly update the site with newer themes.
To begin i have updated my template and also if you noticed have introduce direct download of themes.
Well that sure doesn't come free.

If you like the themes here then plz do consider to donate some money to me.
I am a student and have no other income source. so next time when you download a theme plz do consider to donate some money.
Even small donations are more than enough.

Also i do accept Advertisement for banners and others links so if you are interested then plz do mail me back at appu4friendz@gmail dot com

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