Tuesday, January 8, 2008

SilverLight Theme For Nokia N-Series[N95 N82 N81 N73]

Download here

For Symbian OS 9.1 [N95 N81 N73 N82...]


Anonymous said...

Dear Apoorva,

Salam vaijan. Acche ho toh aap? Sunoh yaar, I see you are displaying my themes to your blog without any link back to my site. Yaar this is not right is it? I will truly appreciate it if you take off the themes from rapidshare and in the download section, link to my site. That way not only you, but both of us will be happy. Aap toh samajdhar ho bhai, meh toh yeh free kortahu, kiu mujkho marraheho vai huh? Mujhko respect koro aur main bhi apkoh respect karoonga. Take care bhai and please kindly provide link back to my site at with every theme you display. Thanks man!
Chaos Inc.

Appu said...

Hey wil it be fine if i add a permanent link to ur site.
Aggar aap ki marji ho to.
Main yeh site meh alag alag themers ke themes ko post karta ho aur iske liya main sab ki permission bhi nahi mang sakta hu.
About the link to rapidshare,it is done as some users have problem downloading so i have added a link to it.

Anonymous said...

No problem man! A permalink will be fine :-) me jantahu eiye ek monstrous kaj he agar aap alag alag korkey sobko permission lena chateho toh. I appreciate your effort, mere themese aur post ko permalink korne ke liye shukriya apka! Mera hindi acha nahi hain so I will be talking in english at this forward lol... great site by the way man... keep up the good work!! Godspeed!
Chaos Inc.

Appu said...

thnks man i wil do it asap.
and by the way my hindi is also not that gud.