Tuesday, November 27, 2007

N95 versus N82

The N95 might be Nokia’s flagship handset, but what about the N82? It’s the Finnish phonemaker’s newest model, packing all the latest bells and whistles. Can it top the N95 as the ultimate pocket pal? We lock them both in battle until only one emerges the winner.

Musical maestros
Both phones have proper headphone sockets, although only the N95 has dedicated music keys. Both will work with the Nokia Music Store, but only the N95 can be bought with a whopping 8-gig capacity. Looks like it trumps the newcomer in this round.
Stat Clash!
N95 Dedicated music keys, proper headphone socket, optional 8-gig capacity, compatibility with the Nokia Music Store (8-gig model only).
N82 Proper headphone socket, full compatibility with the Nokia Music Store.

Game time!
The N82 will play nicely with the revamped N-Gage platform, as will the N95. The new N82 might be significantly younger than the N95, but it’s level pegging on the gaming front.
Stat Clash!
N95 Java, Symbian and N-Gage compatibility.
N82 Java, Symbian and N-Gage compatibility.

Photo finery
The N95 might have a 5-megapixel camera, but so does the N82. They both pack Carl Zeiss optics and auto focus, so the battle comes down to the flash. The N82 is the first Nokia to pack a xenon bulb, meaning brighter bursts for sharper shots.
Stat Clash!
N95 5-megapixel sensor, Carl Zeiss optics, auto focus.
N82 5-megapixel sensor, Carl Zeiss optics, auto focus, powerful xenon flash.

Buff battery
The 8-gig version of the N95 can keep itself in standby for 280 hours. That’s an amazing 55 hours more than the N82. When it comes to talk time, the N95 tops out at 210 minutes, while the N82 rinses another 50 minutes out. We’d call this a draw.
Stat Clash!
N95 280 hours standby, 210 minutes talk time.
N82 225 hours standby, 260 minutes talk time.

Extra features
Both the N95 and N82 come packing GPS with Nokia Maps pre-installed. They both pack in Wi-Fi too, making this one of the big N’s closest head-to-heads yet.
Stat Clash!
N95 Wi-Fi, GPS.
N82 Wi-Fi-, GPS.


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