Sunday, October 28, 2007

Keep Your Symbian Phone Healthy

Keep Your Symbian Phone Healthy

Some handy tips to keep your SYMBIAN PHONE Healthy & Efficient ....Njoy !

1, The first tip is always take backups of your symbian phone on your memory card as well as on PC.

2, Always use the default theme of ur symbian phone , this will make your phone as speedy as possible.

3, try not to use the red button to exit applications as it results is hanging and restarting, because the applications are open in backgrond you can check the applications that are open in background by pressing the menu key for 2 sec & to exit any application that is open in backgroung press the c key.

4, try to switch off your phone for atleast one hour in a day, in night you can do so, after all its a machine and i think machine also needs rest haha.

5, Use file explorer to delete unwanted files that still remains on your phone after uninstalling any application but make sure to delete only unnecessary file , else it could result in damage of ur OS.

6, Try to keep phone memory free use memory card for installing any application or for any other data storing & also keep ur memory card atleast 10 mb free , this will speed up ur phone.

7, Always charge your phone batteries when the phone shows battery low status to get maximum output from your phone battery.

8, Use antivirus like simworks which take very less space to keep ur device virus free .

9, Update your phone's firmware regularly from nokia care centers so that in the newer versions of firmwares there is less chance for software bugs.

10, Always keep your bluetooth off unless its needed , it can catch some virus from some other device. and also will slow up your phone

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