Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mobile Insurance....Non Existent

Mobile Insurance.....
That a laugh here in India.To be specific what i wanted to say is that mobile insurance is nothing in India.when i got my first phone[it was a n6600]i got happy when the salesperson told me that i will get free insurance with the phone.It was of oriental insurance[as far as i can remember].I thought i had got a real bargain with it but slowly i realized that all it was a piece of junk. Mobile insurance was a joke here. If u have ever lost a phone u will never hope to see it back.The chances of you getting back your phone are nothing at all. Let me just explain it to you. If u have ever lost your phone the first thing u go is to police station and report the matter to them. They will ask you where did u lose it?,How did you lose it??
Then after asking all these mandatory questions they tell you why cant you be more careful while handling the phone...Why did u become so careless and what so ever....
then they will send u saying that ok we will track down your phone and inform you about it..."If we ever find it back"
Man what were u thinking in going to police station to complain about your cell phone??
Ppl lose their vehicles,cash,cards,watches,jewellery's and they many time dont get it back and how can you expect them to go and find your cellphones.
I know they have lots in their mind and they do try their best in tracking down but its your phone we are talking about we are common ppl who have to suffer silently. Here i just wanted to share an incident that happened recently.......A top level police officer lost his expensive cellphone[N70 as far as i can remember] while shopping in a busy market.
Wat did he do??? simple he just went to a police station and complained about this like we all common ppl do. And requested the officer to inform him if they find the cellphone. And as u can all guess wat happened was that after 10 of tracking down the police team actually found his cell phone and returned it back that to with media glare[newspaper and all sorts]But the thing is he was a top level police officer so he got his phone back so soon.We can only dream about it.Also the thing is if we ever try to get the insurance claim for the phone the first thing they ask you is police complain and then the circumstances by which u lost your cell phone. and then he will tell u that it was ur negligence and we are very sorry but we can not help you.
So much for the mobile insurance u were happy about...
Anyways this was about the insurance and reasons why insurance it has not worked for Indian market.
I just don't know about other countries and how all this works there and if u know anything about it plz share wit us

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